cruiser motorboats


Learned people will not be surprised to see in a magazine article about the open motorboats right now, when the window gaining ground frost and snowing. Of course, the boat boat strife: a simple cruiser motorboats can easily go and buy at the store at any time, except that during the peak season this can be difficult. But if you want to buy something more serious, you need to think about it in advance and make an order on time, otherwise you again next summer sun is prepared only on the shore of the reservoir near the beloved's own cottage or country house.

Why we are talking about galia motorboats? Why we do not consider, for example, jet skis or large sundeck motorboats? Let's just say each item - your customer. Jet ski - it is primarily an individual transport, designed for active recreation on the water. The yacht - this is a very serious laminate boats sufficiently impressive size, worth more than one hundred thousand dollars. The polish motorboats is - more affordable cruiser motorboats designed for sharing leisure, tourism and fishing. No wonder the U.S., the world's largest producer and consumer of the individual waterway (up to half a million units per year) account for laminate boats up to 70% of the market.

Have a boat today it is fashionable and prestigious. You do not have a question what to do with the guests who came for the weekend in the summer. Interesting, informative and, most importantly, healthy holiday is guaranteed. And some passion for boats and yachts grows into a real passion, becomes a lifestyle, makes it possible to meet and communicate with other equally enthusiastic (and in addition are not poor) people.

There are many types of galia motorboats, and do not always get a clear distinction between them. Moreover, different manufacturers are often referred to similar models in different categories. We divide all types of cruiser motorboats into four groups: fishing boats, sport boats, cruise (travel, pleasure) boats and close to the last, but usually smaller boat for a family holiday. Belonging to one group or another does not mean that the boat can not be used for other purposes. And also do not think that, for example, the fishing polish motorboats has anything to do with an inflatable rubber boat with outboard motor, which is sometimes used by fishermen. The above division is rather arbitrary, and the same boat for fishing different from the cruise except that the presence of some additional equipment, making them more attractive to a certain category of customers. A flagship of these open motorboats are not much different from a luxury cruise galia motorboats. And only the sports racing open motorboats stand out among other things, pronounced arrow-sleek.

Cruiser motorboats differ primarily in size, of which defines an overall length (it may be from about 5 to 14 m). The next important factor - the presence or absence of cabins with bunks, which depends on the size of boat and its intended use. For example, the same small boat can be produced in versions with and without the cabin and positioned in the categories of boats for family vacations and fishing sundeck motorboats. Boats of medium size (6-8 m) are usually saloon cabin with two berths in the bow of the high growth of the average man (1.8-1.9 m), a compact galley (kitchen), toilet (WC), and even shower and the more expensive models - extra double cabin aft. Big boat features a spacious lounge and cabins, a large number of beds, presence of additional amenities in the form of numerous compartments, closets, alcoves, various auxiliary equipment, as well as a luxury interior. For open motorboats of small and medium-sized addition to the number of beds manufacturers often indicate their seating capacity (usually 7-10 people), which depends on the load (typically 500-700 kg). Larger polish motorboats similar characteristics not specified because of sufficient supply capacity.

All boats in the outer upper part are open or partially enclosed cockpit with seating for driver and passenger, as well as remote control with steering wheel, dashboard and engine control lever. Open cockpit weather protection can be equipped with hard or soft removable awning. In medium and large boats behind the cockpit provide additional space for passengers, and at the stern there is often a small swim platform. For relaxation and sunbathing can also be used bow deck, fenced in for safety basic rack (rails).

In addition to the size and number of cabins galia motorboats differ in body shape, which determines the stability and propulsion of the vessel, its own weight (displacement), the number and power of engines, as well as many other parameters, which will be familiar with it is useful if you are seriously thinking about buying. Boats Martinique

Sundeck motorboats

In 1955, in Florida there was a small company Wellcraft, specializing in production boats. For almost half a century of its existence the company has gained immense popularity in both the U.S. and abroad. Range of its products is very broad: the model number of 38 varieties of boats of various sizes and missions. The greatest glory in the world were racing sports boats Scarab, developed and refined by the company for over 25 years.

High quality of the open motorboats due to the use of modern high-tech manufacturing process molding of sandwich solid fiberglass hull with a polymer filling (VEC). Through this body gets hard, just match the original designs are less prone to vibration and noise on the run, have an excellent appearance.

Among the recent developments the company - line cruise boats Martinique, represented by models ranging in length from 7.49 to 11.25 m with 4 or 6 beds. Boats Martinique turned so successful, but their popularity quickly reached a level that the firm decided to provide the brand as a separate brand of Martinique.

Design boats Martinique stylish and contemporary, and functionality, intelligent, quality of performance of any construction details are admirable. Laminate boats are equipped Martinique petrol or diesel engines ranging from 280 to 760 hp They are easy to pick up speed, stability at speed, obedient to the helm. Managing such real pleasure boating.

All boats are perfectly organized cockpit with a handy remote control and the driver's seat. The aft cockpit are sofas for passengers, there may be established a special portable table. Behind the cockpit is placed a small bathing platform with folding ladder.

In the bow of the polish motorboats - a comfortable cabin for four or six people with a wide sofa, easy chairs and folding table. Shop is well lit, and its design, quality materials and finishes are the most pleasant experience. Inside, a lot of compartments and niches, a built-in stereo system, can be set to other equipment. In the rear of the car - a compact galley with stove, microwave, sink, refrigerator, coffee maker, cupboards and products. Next to the galley - toilet and shower, and the older model boats are equipped with recycling of fresh water. Aft cabin for two passengers a spacious and bright, with a sliding window. In the aft part is also provided storage space for additional equipment.

Boats Martinique roomy, well-laid out, have a lot of importance to life and livelihood of parts, easy to operate and reliable.

Polish motorboats

Relatively inexpensive sport cruise boat Glastron GS Sport Cruisers are designed primarily for families. They have a length from 6.13 to 8.36 m, and one or two cabins.

Glastron boats hull made of fiberglass for the same modern technology VEC, as the case Wellcraft boats and Martinique (all companies are part of a large holding katerostroitelny Genmar). The quality of execution and Glastron boats specifications meet the highest international standards.

All models have a convenient open cockpit with seating for driver and passenger in the rear part of which has additional space for passengers. For the cockpit there is a small bathing platform.

The bright and spacious cabin, a cabin in the bow of the boat is placed dining table with a large angular sofa for a few passengers that can be transformed into a bed. Next - compact galley with stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink with hot water cupboard and products. Older models of boats there is a second double cabin aft, and a separate room with toilet and shower. Even in the small boat designers managed to create a cabin atmosphere of home comfort and warmth. Quality finishing materials, the presence of multiple compartments and niches for storing various objects, intelligent and easy to leave the salon most favorable impression.

Glastron boats equipped with engines ranging from 135 to 260 hp All boats are dynamic, docile, and reliable management of their behavior on the water to be commended. Boat trips on the boat Glastron deliver a lot of pleasure to owners and their guests.

In conclusion I would like to add that the man who bought a boat, no problem with the content, maintenance and in case of need for repairs. Technical issues are successfully tackling authorized dealers, and maintenance care to help carry the yacht clubs that offer a place at the fitted berths with electricity and water supply, ensure the protection, take on the challenges of winter parking. And even if you do not give or country house near a large reservoir, your boat is quite able to replace that same country house. A lot of people in that use as their summer laminate boats and yachts.